North County Lowry

If you have ever surfed or been to San Clemente and enjoyed the sun and some delicious fish tacos you have been to the “North County”.  North County Lowry is part of the new restaurant district in Denver’s Lowry area known as Hangar 2.   We ventured to this place during it’s “soft” opening somehow and on the recommendation of another restaurateur (the owner of Nonnas Italian Bistro).    It was on the coldest nights of the year at -5 degrees we thought maybe it will be a little quiet.   It wasn’t.   The new venue has a great open design and the new build has the attention to detail one would expect from a professional group.
As we sat down at the bar Tara and Ashley both greeted us and brought us up to speed on the specials and menu.    North County has some great beer selections. Some Adult Sodas – a home grown beverage that sounded delicious but that will be for another time.   And we will be back to visit.   They have an extensive Tequila selection also, probably one of the most expansive in Denver, an added benefit is the expertise and recommendations of Ashley the bartender.   She really knows her Tequila and her choice of Tequila Dos was impeccable!    The staff was extremely professional and on point.   The atmosphere was also fabulous with a mixture of fun, locals and city commuters.
The only thing that could change this would be the Lowry downer – the bombardment of children.  Not bad if you have kids but for the other locals in Lowry we would like another Adult playground besides the Lowry Tavern.  Enough with speculation let’s move on to the food.  The Guacamole and Salsa were fabulous the chips needed a refill but the fresh ingredients and a flavorful salsa were generous in portions and enough for a real meal for two.    With just enough room to try a few Tacos (Taco Tuesday)  I tried the Classic Fish Tacos which were AMAZING and authentic North County alright.   I also had the Chorizo / Potato Tacos which were big on flavor.  My date had the Linga Chicken and couldn’t stop talking about it.   This place is gonna be great.   I am looking forward to being a regular here and can’t wait to see what the patio brings in Spring and Summer.
North County Lowry
Mexican American Tacos (Taqueria)
Hangar 2 In Lowry
94 North Rampart Way
Casual and moderately priced*