Q Rico Cravings Centennial

Q Rico Mexican Cravings is new to the Foxhill Area in Centennial.  The little take away restaurant is in the D Mart at Reservoir Road and Himalaya Street.  While this is a small little walk up restaurant the menu offers up a lot of variety and it’s different than what you think Mexican food.   It follows a very traditional mix.  The staff is really friendly, and the food is prepared fresh as you wait.  It’s still fast even though is a scratch process.

There is some informal seating and on a gorgeous Colorado day there is patio seating.  Q Rico Mexican Cravings Centennial is across from a popular brewery – Two 2 Two – you can walk over there and enjoy a BOMBSHELL BLONDE or a delicious Root Beer.   It a perfect neighborhood Mexican restaurant.   While the first trial was a traditional burrito.  There was a lot of temptation to try the cravings like the Papas Locas or the Dorinachos which I will save for later.   There is some great sweet cravings and ice creams and of course authentic Aqua Frescas.  In the summer this place can be really popular with the kiddos.

As mentioned the service is great for a scratch order, they made an excellent presentation, solid quickness and were great.

This isn’t a typical Mexican restaurant.  We have included a photo of the menu and we suggest that you genuinely look at it because there is a lot to choose from and there is a unique variety.  Q Rico is new so the hours are a bit flexible and they don’t have a phone number to publish yet nor a website just yet.  Hopefully this will offer some tasty information to entice you to try Q Rico Cravings!  If you live in the Foxhill Centennial Neighborhood this is a great little spot to try something different or to fill the sweet tooth cravings.

Pros: Uniquely Mexican and traditional.  Excellent service. Good Value.
Cons: Don’t offer delivery, yet.

Overall,  Q Rico Mexican Cravings is an exciting place to try because it is so unique and different.  The food is great quality and full flavored.  It’s a fast take away place so no frills and no fuss.   A quiet little hide away full of ways to satisfy your cravings.


Q Rico Mexican Cravings Centennial
Hours 9am to 7 pm
4590 S Reservoir Centennial (Aurora), CO 80015