Quality Italian from New Restaurants Denver 
When you’ve eaten as much steak as we have, it takes a lot to achieve memorable, lasting impressions of a meal. Quality Italian delivers. This was by far the best regular menu item steak I have ever had.  We had the BONE-IN FILET MIGNON for $54. It’s $10 cheaper than most rival restaurants, and for that price you get the most delicious tomahawk style chop you will ever sink your teeth into. And it’s a nice and big to boot. Juicy all the way through, from fat cap to bone. Perfectly cooked pink all the way through. Soft, tender meat even in the roast portion. The fat was delicious – not too oily or greasy, and all of it soft and edible. Seasoning was just right – not too salty to the point where you get the meat sweats afterward (hate that). Simply put: the thing is fantastic. But not only is the steak incredible; everything else is too. Apps, sides and desserts were some of the best I’ve ever had as well.  Read on.
Everything is prime and aged, and they cover every type of cut possible. They even offer some steaks for two, and a bunch of different types of filets for people who eat filets. Every base is covered, and then some.
The plating was amazing here. Little touches like herbs for garnish, interesting little porcelain cups filled with coarse salt, mortar and pestle containers for the fresh sauces, and just the way the food was decorated as well – not just slapped on the plate but artfully done. Portion sizes were all very healthy – healthy meaning big – not healthy meaning small dishes. The tartare was the size of a big burger. The pasta side was enough for two no problem. The steak was huge, and the chicken was, I think, a half chicken (thigh, drum, wing, tit, still articulated).
There  is a big bar at the entrance. Nicely decorated, modern, sleek, but not pretentious. They make great drinks. My martini was perfect. We also had a great drink called “the midtown,” which was made with bourbon, vermouth, sour cherry, orange peel, and burnt sugar. Nice ice cubes too for those who care (you know who you are).
The waiter read off some delicious sounding off-menu specials, and highlighted a few featured menu items that were considered house specialties. One dish they have already become instantly famous for is the chicken parm. It is pounded flat onto a pizza dish and topped with sauce and cheese, then baked. It seriously looks like a pizza. I might have to go back to try this. Anyway they have all kinds of meat on tap here. Beef (of course), chicken, veal, pork, lamb. Everything is covered. One thing to note here – was the BEEFSTEAK TOMATO & STRACCIATELLA Pistachios, Basil  appetizer.
We started off with the BEEFSTEAK TOMATO & STRACCIATELLA  which was incredible. I liked the tartare underneath the patty of chopped beef there was a little pool of mushroom aioli, which was really great when you folded it into the meat and mixed it all up (with a squeeze of lemon too). They even had some shaved cheese on top for a salty crunch. Both are great.
Our bartender was hands down the best waiter I’ve ever had. I instantly felt like I had known him forever. He was warm, funny, very nice, natural, and extremely knowledgeable on the menu. He knew it in and out, and he knew just where to go and what to suggest when we had follow-up questions. The management was the same way – all very welcoming and friendly. I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of people on the floor. Other awesome things to mention in the service department: fresh hot garlic bread. Bread like that makes me wish I had 4 hands.
Also; they make the steak sauce table side, mixing up concoctions of raisin molasses puree, fresh tomato, oregano, and other herbs/spices. It was like watching a wizard make a potion. Stirred it up nice in a mortar and pestle, and boom – we had the most delicious and fresh steak sauce in town. We put it on everything we ate, and even took some home with us.
I love the simple, bare and elegant look here. They really made the best of the space. I think a few more booth type seats might be nice to add, but the concept here is a little more open anyway, so it might not fit right to have big private type booths jammed in there. The views out the windows are not so great
Quality Italian 
241 Columbine St.,
Denver, CO 80206
Saturday ‑ Sunday: 10:30am to 2:30pm
Monday ‑ Friday: 11:30am ‑ 2:30pm
Midday menu available 2:30pm – 5:00pm
Bar opens daily at 4:00 p.m. with midday menu
Sunday – Thursday: 5 p.m. ‑ 10 p.m.
Friday ‑ Saturday: 5 p.m. ‑ 11 p.m.
Valet parking available/$5 with validation