This was our first experience with Korean BBQ and I am glad New Restaurants Denver decided to try DaeGee’s new location on Colorado Blvd. I will start off with saying that if you are new to DaeGee I would recommend reading reviews and taking a look at their website. There are a few rules to the unlimited BBQ that can leave you frustrated if you aren’t familiar with it.
That being said this is definitely worth the effort, it was delicious. It is a clean, friendly environment and you can choose between a traditional table or a BBQ table where you cook your own food. Since this was our first experience we definitely wanted to try the BBQ table. It was a great, unique experience and one we would highly recommend. Service was a bit all over the place with multiple servers but they were fast and friendly.
After looking over the menu we decided to try the unlimited BBQ. As I mentioned earlier it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with their terminology. Unlimited is a little deceiving in the sense that they ask that you finish all of the types of meat first before ordering more. It cuts down on waste and is understandable but can be frustrating if you are aren’t aware of this. Needless to say our first round was plenty for two of us and was delicious. The meats were delicious and there was an abundance of sides.
Thankfully this is close by because New Restaurants Denver will definitely be frequenting this spot. Our next experience will have to be with a group of friends in their back room with the karaoke setup. How cool is that?!
DaeGee Korean BBQ
827 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80206