garlic knotTheir location in Mayfair is in an unassuming little strip mall with some questionable people walking around. That being said it is a welcome addition to the area and does not reflect negatively on the restaurant. You can sit down or take out but their delivery is limited to a 2-3 mile radius, which isn’t very big. They have a patio that sits on the front of the establishment overlooking the parking lot. It may not be ideal but it didn’t take away from the experience.
Being from NY I have a high standard when trying new Italian restaurants. I understand the theme they are trying for, as far as a traditional NY pizzeria but that concept seems near impossible to recreate.  Looking over the menu they offer traditional fare as well as specialty pizzas. Of course we had to start off with their namesake, the garlic knots. We were also ready to order our main meals and put in our order at the same time. I opted for the chicken parmigiana sandwich and my boyfriend ordered the Wall Street pizza, which has pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese.
The timing of our order was perfect. The garlic knots arrived and were delicious, just the perfect amount of garlic and butter. Soon after we were finished, our main meals arrived. My chicken parm looked traditional and tasty. While it was really good, it still wasn’t as good as what I get in a local pizzeria in NY. My boyfriend, on the other hand raved about his pizza (I still regret not trying it). The smaller sized pizza left him with a decent amount of leftovers, while I devoured my whole sandwich. The wait staff were all high school students and honestly were a little inattentive but not to the point where we were ignored.
New Restaurants Denver’s experience overall was a good one but we will probably take our order to go next time, as well as ordering pizza and garlic knots, the two standouts on the menu. This is a family friendly establishment that we would recommend to anyone looking for a quick and easy pizza joint.
Garlic Knot Mayfair
6217 East 14th Ave
Denver, CO 80220