World Of Beer is a great place to drink beer.  To watch a major sports event or eat – NOT so much.  On November 1st we attempted to have a watch party at World of Beer.  The party was for the NZ All Blacks vs. USA rugby game.   I had my assistant call to verify and make sure all of the details were attended to including  that we could have it on.   Well,  apparently they don’t have NBC (good ol regular NBC).  I am not sure how that works on Sunday Night Footballs for them or when the Broncos play on NBC but you can’t see it there.   So before any of us could get a beer down or try some food  the party was over. FAIL.
So we won’t be going there for any sporting events to watch.  No Football meetups.  It was a big disappointment not just for me but for 15 others that all had the same shitty experience.   We did have a great time at British Bulldog and had some good food and watched on 8 tvs.
World Of Beer
16th Street Mall