Bubu Lowry

Living in Lowry, we are always excited to see a new restaurant addition to the neighborhood. That is why when we heard about Bubu opening up in Hangar 2 we were some of their first customers! Bubu is being marketed as a fresh revolution; quick-casual concept featuring a healthy spin on build-your-own bowls. Protein selections finished with a choice of locally sourced vegetable inspired toppings. Which the restaurant definitely lives up to.
We went on a Sunday night, one of the first nights they were open. We went in on a recommendation of a friend that said it was quick, cheap, delicious Chinese food. We should have done our research because that is definitely not what we got. We walked in and were greeted and seated by the hostess, as we were the only people in the restaurant they let us choose our seat. We opted for one the “community” tables. The atmosphere is nice and open with lots of seating options. Soon after we arrived a number of other people made their way in. After our drinks were brought to us an appetizer of fried duck tongue was brought out. I am not a fan of duck so I opted out of tasting but my date dug right in. Let’s just say he was not a fan. We quickly scanned the menu and knew what we wanted to order right away. We started off with the Lowry roll as the appetizer, I ordered the veggie ramen bowl and my date ordered the ramen bowl with steak. The roll came out in a reasonable amount of time and was okay. Not very flavorful and considering this isn’t a Japanese restaurant maybe we shouldn’t judge too harshly but take it off the menu if it isn’t what you are specializing in.
As I mentioned earlier, we were looking for a quick, delicious meal when we walked in and Bubu missed the mark pretty significantly. After our appetizer we were expecting our main meals to follow which was not the case. All of the people that arrived after us came and left before our meals finally arrived. I will say that they did acknowledge the long amount of time that we had to wait and did give us a discount on our bill. That being said, it was unacceptable. When our meals did finally arrive we were both excited to taste the flavors our waiter raved about. Again, Bubu did not deliver. Not even close. Both of our bowls were completely flavorless. I was glad there was sriracha on the table and dowsed my bowl with it. Unfortunately even sriracha couldn’t quite save our meals.
Needless to say we will not be going back soon. Not only was the service and flavor completely lacking but it is way overpriced for ramen noodles. In the famous words of Siskel and Ebert, we give Bubu 2 thumbs down, way down!
7559 East Academy Blvd
Denver, CO
(303) 364-2025